Iceland in Summer

We started our trip to Iceland in Reykjavik. This was our home base for day trips out into the country.

While in Reykjavik we tried the soup in a bread bowl which is a big thing here. The photo below is from Svarta Kaffið which was great!

Into the Country

Now the best part about Iceland is actually getting out of the city and seeing some of the country. There are numerous spots to see along the roads. This is a geothermal pool that we had to hike about a mile out to get to after taking a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. The outside temp is around 45 F but the pool is like a hot tub.


Another place we hit up was Skógafoss which is a short drive from Reykjavik.

There are stairs that take you up to the top of this waterfall where you can follow the stream and hike around a bit.


Afterwards we headed toward the Black Sand Beach known as Reynisfjara next to the Vik.

The sand here is black due to the volcanic activity from long ago. For a more specific description, consult Google. There are also Basalt columns!


There are many ice caps and glaciers scattered around the island as well. This one was covered in a pretty thick layer of dirt but if you have an ice pick you can cut through and see the white/blue ice very clearly underneath. You actually don’t even realize you are walking on a glacier in the summer since the dirt layer is so thick.


We also followed the Golden Circle which is a tourist route that allows you to see several sights over the course of a few hours.


This waterfall was quite large compared to the previous one. You could walk right up to it.


Kerið is a volcanic crater known as a caldera that is now home to a lake.

Blue Lagoon

Expensive? Yes. But you’re in Iceland. A man made outdoor thermal pool that has multiple spa treatments, bars and a restaurant inside. This was one of the highlights for sure.


I would love to head back. We went in the summer but I think in the winter we’d have a good chance to see the northern lights. Also next time we come I’d love to go a bit north and look for puffins! The only ones I saw on my trip were on the menus of some rather adventurous restaurants.