Destination Wedding in Bali

Ashley and I’s wedding took place on November 9th in Bali.  It was somewhat distant and we wanted a more intimate feel rather than a very large wedding.  Below are some of the photos from just the wedding day itself.  I’ll save the activities of the other days for another post for now.

The wedding was at Jannata Resort and was coordinated by the Seven Agency.   Photography was handled by Rudy Lin Photography.  Setup was perfect and exactly what we wanted.  Unfortunately as happens in Ubud, it started raining!  So we shifted venues under a shelter later.  
The resort exceeded every expectation we had in terms of the level of service and scenery.
Carrying my umbrella around in the rain.
We had zero rehearsal time since we communicated with the planners entirely through email.  The wedding itself happened before we knew it was going on.  As far as no-rehearsal weddings I think this went pretty well.
Not rehearsing meant we had no idea what was next.  Including the petals being showered.
Ashley looked amazing.

While we could have done without the rain, it was amazing.  I’m happy our families had a chance to enjoy this with us would recommend Bali as a destination wedding spot in a heartbeat for anybody looking to escape.  Whether it’s a jungle wedding like the one we had or by the beach it’s a destination that is hard to beat.

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