Completing the Bear Grylls Survival Race



Saturday offered the opportunity to run the Bear Grylls Survival Race in London and it was quite the adventure!  If you like challenging yourself to tests of strength, agility, endurance, and even heights, this is a good course for you.  There are 5k, 10k, and 30k options available however we did the 5k for our first outing on it.

Post Race!

We managed to successfully complete it and there are dozens of fun challenges throughout the course.  From carrying what felt like 75lbs backpacks, rope climbing to climbing a massive mountain made of wooden planks and netting there are dozens of obstacles.  The crazy thing is that the weights are more or less the same so there is no difference between Men’s and Women’s challenges.  Be prepared!


The Jungle

The ring obstacle was pretty difficult simply because it’s hard to keep a grip on them.



The “Arctic” portion of the race was intimidating as well.  A downward sloping wooden plank to test your balance followed by leapfrogging across awkwardly planed boxes.

The mountain!

This was one of the more fun races and definitely unique.  I much prefer these sort to the type of race where you merely run through mud.  Make me carry a 75lbs backpack and climb!

I would definitely do this again and hope to do more of these sorts of adventure races in the future.  The festival gives you a lot to check out after the race and there’s an area with food vendors and music as well.

Good to know

There is a bag check.  Cost: 3gbp

There is an ATM inside by the food vendors.  I ran about a mile to a station to use an ATM because nobody there knew there was an ATM inside.

Heats run every half hour.  It’s fine if you run a different heat than the one you signed up for.

Vegan and vegetarian options available

Nearest station to the entrance is Cockfosters despite what Google Map says.

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