The Phenomenon of Gelato on a Stick

Rows of Stecchi

Obviously Italy is great for food.  But there’s one thing that I was actually really surprised to discover.  Maybe I’ve just been stuck under a rock, but these little Italian popsicles are awesome.

Ashley pulled us aside while walking through Milan to venture to this small place that looked like a popsicle shop.  Did I want one, she asked?  No thanks, Ash, go on.

After trying hers, I immediately regretted not getting one and had to return.

Gelati e Sorbetti su Stecco

The above translates to Gelato and Sorbetto on a Stick.  Basically these are gelato or sorbetto popsicles dipped in chocolate then covered with nuts.  The gelato option is a creamier option while you can get sorbetto covered in chocolate for a fruitier dessert.

It’s the combination of freshly made gelato/sorbetto and dipping chocolate that thickens over the soft interior that really sets these apart.  If you thought just having gelato in a cone or a cup was good, this somehow elevates it to a ridiculous level.

The Navigli District in Milan. Get your Stecchi from here.
The Navigli District in Milan. Get your Stecchi from here.

Stecchi (the plural of Stecco) have become increasingly popular in Italy over the years and I can definitely see why. Have I been living under a rock?  My friend from Rome wasn’t even sure what the name of these were until he asked his friends, so I don’t feel that bad. Have you tried these? Does anybody have a recipe?

It’s available throughout Italy but we had it in Milan from Stecco Natura in the Navigli district.


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