A review of the Hilton Los Cabos

Hilton Los Cabos is a secluded resort hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The Hilton Los Cabos is far enough away from the chaotic scenes of Cabo San Lucas to be peaceful but still close enough to be drivable. If you plan on venturing out of the resort (and I hope you do), you’ll want to rent a car. Your easiest option is to just rent a car from the airport.

The hotel parking lot is secured with gated entry where you are greeted by an attendant at the hotel so you shouldn’t have to worry about your vehicle.


The hotel rooms are very spacious and if you get a ground floor room, you’ll have access to a small gated area outside your room where you can relax.


Early morning stroll just outside the hotel

Early morning stroll just outside the hotel

There are two different swimming pools at the Hilton Los Cabos, one of which is an amazing infinity pool.

There is a fitness centre and gym on-site with different activities planned for both families and couples so there’s no shortage of things to do on the hotel grounds.

There is also a game room for young kids to be entertained while you grab a drink from the swim up bar.

There are dozens of activities on the grounds. You can rent horses to ride along the beach, you can rent boats to go whale watching or fishing.


Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool


About a 20 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas, it is in a peaceful and quiet location. The hotel is right on the beach and as you walk down the beach you’ll walk along the beachfronts of many other hotels.


The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is just a short drive and a boat ride away!

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is just a short drive and a boat ride away!

Traffic can be pretty heavy on the road so be sure to allow time when traveling between the hotel and Cabo San Lucas.

I could go on about the many sites of Cabo but that’s for another post.


This hotel is one of the most beautiful resorts we’ve stayed at. If you’re planning a visit to Los Cabos, definitely consider it. This hotel is not for you, though, if you plan on going on a raucous bender. For that, look more in Cabo San Lucas. This hotel is for getting away, relaxing and just enjoying the beauty of Los Cabos.

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